Außenansicht Standort Dr. Trockels


-Qualified and motivated trainee lawyers (Referendare) are always welcome to apply to complete their training in my firm, as are students from Germany and abroad who hope to undertake an internship with us. Training in my office will not only provide you with an insight into the legal aspect of my work, but also into the multifaceted transnational legal issues that I deal with. Additionally, it will give you the opportunity to develop your foreign language abilities.

-Also welcome are applications from junior lawyers who have achieved excellent exam results, a thorough knowledge of foreign languages, creativity and economic awareness. You will receive a high level and thorough education as well as the opportunity to work in an innovative and competitive environment, advising on international legal problems. You should therefore have the drive to work independently within a small structure, essentially self-employed, and after time, based on your own strengths and capabilities, build up your own client base. cent 6;lsdp